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What is MAX PRO and wher does it stands for ?

MAX PRO is a unique concept of adhesives, sealants, PU foams, cleaning and degreasing products for the professional.

The simplicity in selection and use means the professional always has the right product for his application at hand. And all this comes with a guaranteed result.


Is there a difference between D-MAX and MAX PRO ?

As a company D-MAX developed – in cooperation with professionals – the MAX PRO range that is based on ‘simplicity in selection and use’.

Handy selection tips always help you find the right product by answering just a few questions.


Where can I find out more about the properties of the different MAX PRO products?

You can check the properties and the direction for use for each product. The technical specifications can also always be downloaded.


Is MAX PRO available everywhere?
       The MAX PRO range is available from different sources:

  • through our advisor on site
  • by phone
  • by mail
  • from a number of professional trade outlets

Can I also order online ?
Ordering online is not yet possible.

Can I download all MAX PRO product details?
       You can download the technical specifications for each product using the ‘Downloads’ button.

Can I download all DOP specifications?
      The DOP specifications can also be downloaded using the ‘Downloads’ section.


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