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Mission & Vision

  1. The D-MAX Mission
    To be and remain the best partner for our customers, employees and suppliers is the mission we pursue. We work towards this aim each and every day with the premium quality of our products and our human, common sense customer approach.
  2. The D-MAX Vision
    We want to continuously raise the values that we offer our customers, employees of our customers, customers of our customers, our employees and suppliers. And this by means of clear and transparent communication and with a simple strategic range of high quality adhesives, sealing mastics, PU foams, cleaners and degreasers for finishing, assembly, repair and renovation work:

To its customers D-MAX is:

  • a reliable partner who listens and communicates pro-actively and clearly
  • a quality-oriented partner who supports customers with solution-oriented thought and action
  • a customer-oriented partner who invests in long-term relationships

To its employees D-MAX is:

  • a reliable employer where enthusiastic and passionate people work
  • an employer who strives for quality and simplicity
  • an employer where there is room for development and taking responsibility

To its suppliers D-MAX is:

  • a reliable partner where enthusiastic and passionate people work
  • a partner with time for the people behind the company
  • a partner who strives for transparent and long-lasting cooperation
  1. The D-MAX Values

    “SIMPLICITY” is the keyword that summarises the company culture.

The following convictions and values are the cornerstones of this culture:

  1. Trust:
    • in our customers
    • in our people
    • in our products
  1. Transparency:
    • a transparent strategy
    • transparent operations
    • transparent pricing
    • transparent communication
  1. Perseverance: we never give up. With this conviction and attitude we support the “To Walk Again Foundation” initiative from Marc Herremans.
  1. Feet on the ground:
    We stay true to ourselves, irrespective of the results.
    A professional life also has highs and lows. Simplicity in everything we do.
  1. We do it well or we don’t do it at all: we want to be the best by being able to offer our customers first-class solutions for each and every application.


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